Wherever bacteria, mould, and mildew compromise product performance, Ultra-Fresh and SILPURE antimicrobials will take control. Offering odor control, stain protection, and protection from degradation, our antimicrobial products help manufacturers maintain product quality and extend the life of:

• Textiles: intimates, sportswear, work wear, housewares, automotive textiles and nonwovens, etc.

• Plastics, Polymers & Composites: indoor and outdoor applications that include cutting boards, PVC coated fabrics for awnings and tents, mattress covers, molded parts and more.

• Foams: mattresses, furniture, carpet underlay, automotive parts, sponges and more.

• Carpets and Furniture: commercial and residential carpets, rugs, vinyl and epoxy flooring, and others.

• Coatings: PVC, latex, polyurethanes, inks, lacquers and paints.